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Asia Placements

We work with many Mother agencies and Model agencies worldwide placing their models into these markets within Asia:

Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Bangkok.

Below are some of the models we have placed within these markets.

With over 10 years experience working within these markets we have built a strong network of the most trusted agencies in each market.

We handle all logistics from the initial proposal, Contract negotiations, the visa process, flights, the placement period, departure and organising final Statements. 


We have our own agreements in place with these agencies in Asia which means our commission comes from them, it does not affect the 10% Mother Agency Commission or the models NET in pocket. 

If you wish to propose any of your models for placement in Asia, please send the following:


Where the model is based.

Which passport(s) the model holds.

A specific period the model able travel for 60-90 days.

Has the model ever worked in Asia before, been proposed to any agencies there and, if so, which agency and when they were there.

Who the model represented by worldwide.

A list of notable jobs or clients the model has worked for.

If they have one, please share their link.

Full set of polaroids.

Walking and talking videos.

A link to all of their material which includes all images, not just their book.

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