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Holly Rollins

United Kingdom

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Designed By Holly

I’m Holly a London based Model & Designer - I have a BA In Architecture and a Masters In Product and Furniture Design.

As I began my career as a model, my love and passion for design intertwined when I formed great bonds with my modelling clientele and began set designing for the same brands I modelled for. 

My passion for design progressed beyond the constraints of the studio walls when I began assisting independent furniture designers and gained my masters in furniture and product design during the pandemic. 

Shortly after my masters I launched...


......A luxury disruptive furniture studio with an emphasis on Intention and Inner wellness at the core of my design process. 

I spend my days modelling, set and furniture designing from my creative studio space In West London and when Im not working on my passion projects, you can find me day dreaming in nature, cooking for friends, hosting movie nights and reading about astrology. 

Signed With:

MOT Models London

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