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Natascia Livolsi

United Kingdom

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“you do not just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process”- rupi kaur.


Quite simply how does one describe such uniqueness in a paragraph? Maybe I could do so through a poem, but that would be a tease!


Let’s start with the intellectual aspect of myself- I studied sociology and criminology in University and I am a nerd for crime documentaries! My interest in sociology came about from the generation I grew up in and the differences in society! I’m all for inclusivity and change and believe everyone’s voice matters!

Aside from this, I do love sports, music, food and most definitely travelling as well as socialising! I was actually a captain for my school netball team as well as for rounders!

Fashion styling and sourcing is also an interest of mine and I love vintage collections! Fashion to me is a sense of expression and I feel whole through what I wear as I can dress however I want and as whoever I want!

There’s more to me, but I wouldn’t want to strip away the fun of you (or whoever) getting to know me!!

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