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What makes me, me?

I always think more of certain events and people that impacted me, rather than characteristics. I come from a single mom who was 19 when she had me. With nobody supporting her financially or emotionally, she still studied medicine to become a doctor at the age of 36, all whilst making sure her daughter never realised that we didn’t have money all those years or, that she struggled with anything.

That gave me my drive, my passion, my strength and, knowledge that nothing in life is just given to you, but, if you work hard you can and will, achieve and realise all of your dreams.

I also come with my heritage. I am half African-American, something I am very proud of.

My father’s life showed me injustice and unfairness, but also community, beauty and culture. My father’s passing and me finding out about a half brother I had before I was born (tragically losing his life in a racist act of crime) ignited a strong sense of injustice and anger in me. I started researching a lot about American history (especially African-American history) and I realised that I really wanted to study politics or law one day.

Being mixed and being impacted by my fathers and brothers life and death made me want to change the reality that so many black people and minorities in general face every day. When people say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I always laughed, but it’s true, these things had to happen this way in order for me to be the me that I truly love: kind, passionate, caring, ambitious, determined, grateful and confident.


P.S.: I also love to sing and play the piano in my free-time

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