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Who We Are

The foundation of Perception began 14 years ago when Laura began her scouting career placing models into the UK.

Whilst working within different model agencies in London heading up Scouting and International placements Laura travelled a lot. Laura met many fellow scouts and bookers worldwide building strong relationships along the way.

It was in May 2017 when Laura met Carl, at this time Carl was teaching at an SEMH school. Obviously working as a teacher Carl only had the school holidays as spare time. This worked out perfectly for the pair as this was Laura’s busiest time to scout.

Laura soon realised Carl had a really good eye for scouting and found some amazing models on their various trips to numerous shopping centres over these school holidays (shopping centres became our daily lives in the onset of our relationship (due to scouting in them!!)

So, it wasn’t too long after they met that Carl quickly became Lauras' number 2 scout.

They both had big plans to launch Perception back in 2020, and then, just like everyone else in the world, the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. 

Laura adapted and started focusing on the Asian market as in the dreaded lock down periods some of those markets didn't close.

She refused to throw in the towel by focusing her efforts on this market and by doing so she kept the business in full swing.

As a team they strive to make sure that the foundations Perception is built on are honesty, trust and mutual respect.

Each and every person they manage they do so individually, every person has their own journey and they are here to be a part of said journey.

We are now here together living our lives with our own unique perception.

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