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Christie Claude

Los Angeles 

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I grew up in swampy Florida where I caught fish with my brother, swam in natural springs, and watched black bears and deer enjoying their natural habitat. Being in the water and sunshine is where I am my happiest self.

Creatively, my first love was always writing.

I went to college in New Orleans where I earned a degree in creative writing and film. I developed an addiction to absorbing films from the 1960’s and ‘70s, and to learning about the actresses who portrayed complex, enigmatic leads in them.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and got to live out my fantasy of dwelling in a renovated 1950’s camper van in a lush backyard!

Now, when I’m not modelling and auditioning, I love taking photos, researching fashion history and collecting images of antique and vintage clothing from gallery archives, and keeping a journal!

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LA Model Management

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