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Malina Faye


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„Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it“


The problem with the ever so changing beauty standards of this society.

I support and encourage a progressive change when it comes to inclusivity and diversity in the modelling industry and I love to see actual changes being made (e.g. including and pushing for more curvy/plus sized models).

But being a woman and specifically a woman of color, I know that the beauty of a woman is that we come in so many different shapes and sizes and also that where we come from ethnically changes our shapes and sizes.

Something to be celebrated rather than discouraged.

I want to be a part of progress towards including ALL different body types and sizes or so called ‚in between‘ sizes.

Let’s stop limiting ourselves to two groups and create art, projects and clothes with beautiful and talented women of all sizes, shapes and ethnicities and make them FOR women of all sizes, shapes and ethnicities.


My passions besides modelling are politics, history and law and this is a way of uniting these passions with my passion for modelling.

Signed With:

Forte Model Management London

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