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Tyrece Lewis

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Hey, My names Tyrece!

And yes that is technically a boys name. I am the only female Tyrece I know and I love that. I’m not a Tom boy, I’m not a girly girl, (I mean I can be for a shoot) I’d say I fit right in the middle.

I started to prepare to break into the creative industry around 14 years old and had my heart set on being a singer. So I started drama and performance to push myself out of my comfort zone. I then went on to study drama for 2 years in school and then another 2 years in college and finally decided I’d like to take it further and study a performance degree. A year and a half into my degree I was scouted by a modelling agency which went hand in hand with everything I’d been working towards which gave me the boost I needed to start my music.

A little after finishing my degree I was given an opportunity to audition for a girlband, which I did...


....after a long wait I was chosen out of 1400 girls!

We have now released our first single, December 31st 2021 where we were lucky enough to perform the release of the single whilst opening a show on the German TV channel ZDF.

We performed a live rendition of the single in Berlin on New Year’s Eve!

So at present I feel extremely blessed and grateful for all these experiences and opportunities coming my way and I can’t wait for what’s to come next.

Signed With:

Nevs Models London

The Four Model Management Manchester

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